Welcome To The AWEARNESS Blog

Apparently, there are over 70 million blogs on the Internet and over 60 more are created every minute. So I thought it was time for me to have my minute in the sun (sharing it with around 59 others of course) and start my own. It really is a blog-eat-blog world out there, so thank you in advance for allowing me to burden you with my point of view.

So why have I jumped on the blogosphere bandwagon? Well, throughout most of my adult life, I have been a reasonably successful, designer, businessman, parent, and philanthropist but I’ve always been a frustrated activist. This venting arena is the perfect venue for personal expression and for encouraging genuine change (not to mention taking some of the pressure off of my pharmacologist). Over the last 25 years, through my Company and personal pursuits, I’ve attempted to be topical and relevant to our ever-changing society and raise social awareness, but the fact that you’re reading this is proof of how the world is changing. I realize that my monologist approach of the past is as appropriate as wearing socks with sandals – today’s must-have is dialog. Sure, I can always help you with what you wear but now you can help us all be more aware.

That’s why I want to embrace this freshly released outpouring of opinions, loves, hates, fears and desires under four pillars of discussion that are part of the DNA of my Company and myself: Social Rights, Hard Times, Well-being and Political Landscape.

Just like a cheap, ill-fitting suit, I know you want to get something off your chest, so please sit back, pour yourself a glass of intelligent debate and throw another dialog on the